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March 21, 2015. XTick for OS X version 2.0.12 have been released.

August 22, 2014. New interbank forex datafeed is available for Windows and Mac charts. It includes 350 forex tickers with low latency and spread.

November 7, 2014. XTick for Windows version 5.201 have been released.

November 2, 2014. XTick for Windows version 5.200 have been released.

September 7, 2014. XTick Extreme for Windows forex charting and technical analysis software version 5.148 have been released.

August 3, 2014. XTick for OS X version 2.0.10 have been published in Mac AppStore.

May 31, 2014. XTick Extreme forex charting software for Windows version 5.147 have been released.

May 21, 2014. XTick Extreme for Windows version 5.146 have been released.

Professional Forex charts
XTick for Windows

XTick for Windows forex charts

XTick is a professional forex charting software for technical analysis in real-time. System includes three separate forex datafeeds (Standard feeds with 60 currencies and Interbank forex feed with 350 currencies), CFD for US stocks and world indices. There are classic charts like bars, candlesticks and exotic charts too: Renko, Kagi, Point-Figure charts, Three Line Break and Heikin-Ashi charts. There are cluster charts (footprint) in forex. System include 90 integrated technical indicators and many pointer tools. You can use any intraday timeframe (from 1 up to 1439 minutes), daily, weekly and monthly timeframes. Also you can create custom trading and alerts conditions without programming skills. Any forex trader needs to have this software to make technical analysis in real-time.

Charting and Trading software
XTick for Mac OS X

XTick for Mac OS X

XTick™ is a professional forex charting, trading and technical analysis software for Mac OS X. Forex charting and technical analysis service is broker's independent, any trader can use it to make technical analysis in real-time. Trading features are available now for FXCM forex clients and stocks/futures/options in MOEX. System supports several trading accounts at the same time. The platform has above 60 technical indicators and you can create custom trading strategies without programming.

We have an experience in developing forex charting and trading software since 2001 and we are using latest technologies to create powerful, fast and stable platforms. Also we provide 24 hours 7 days service for our charts and trade systems. We can upgrade our software to requests of customers. Now our systems use many companies around the world: ProActTraders, Open-Broker, Alor, Finam, Zerich, It-Invest and other. We have a software for Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Both are standalone native applications, you not need to have any virtualiasion software to use XTick. We can modify the software to suit your needs if you want to have any specific indicators or tools.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wishes.