Forex charts and trading platform

Download forex charting and trading platforms

Technical requirements

  • OS - Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, 64-bit versions only!
  • CPU - 2-GHz Pentium-compatible CPU or better
  • Video-adapter - 1280x1024, 65536 colors or above, recommended 1920x1080 or above
  • RAM - 4 Gb or above, 5Gb HDD space
  • Internet connection - ADSL, GPRS or leased line

XTick connects to servers and port 4003
Please enable these ports and IP addresses in your firewall or anti-viral software.

8-days demo access

You can test XTick systems for free at least 8 days. Download the software and press 'Create new demo account' button in authorization dialog. You will have an access to 5 forex currencies. If you need test another currencies contact us by email.

To get an access to all forex currencies (including interbank forex feed), CFD for US stocks and world indices you need to have a subscription.

Download XTick for Windows

XTick Extreme version 5.203 x64 (updated on September 20, 2015). It works in Windows x64 only!
You need to have Windows 7 or above to start this software

Download Templates for XTick for Windows

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