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Professional Forex Technical analysis software: XTick for Windows

XTick Extreme for Windows

  • Two separate forex feeds, about 60 currencies
  • 9 types of charts - bars, candles, renko, kagi, point and figure, heikin-ashi, three-line breaks and other
  • Unlimited number of charts in each workspace
  • Overlay tickers into the same chart
  • About 100 technical indicators
  • Above 10 pointer tools - trendlines, channels, fibo and more
  • Bid, Ask, Bid-Ask and Index charts in Forex market
  • Quotes and Times and Sales windows
  • Alerts for prices, indicators and pointer tools
  • Custom painting and strategies with XPaint tool
  • Unlimited number of workspaces, switch in one click
  • Linked charts
  • Floating charts to place to another monitors

We are developing technical analysis and charting software since 2001. Many professional and companies around the world use our software. Our system work 24/7. Contact us to know more.

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XTick Extreme version 5.203 x64 (updated on September 20, 2015). It works in Windows x64 only!
You need to have Windows 7 or above to start this software


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We invite to cooperation brokers and stakeholders. If your company wants to provide an additional service for customers or you want to get income from distribution the XTick software we are ready to discuss the cooperation by email:

Also we sell source code/IP licenses if your company want to create the similar business. We will provide source codes for all server side components, datafeeds, clients terminals and manager software. The software has full support for stocks/futures/options and forex markets. Request details:

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Brief guide how to use charts in XTick

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