XTickPro: advanced Volume Profile analysis

XTickPro: advanced Volume Profile analysis

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The software supports different types of Volume Profile charts like (applied to futures market, like CME and other and Interbank Forex)
  • Bid x Ask
  • Bid x Ask Profile
  • Delta
  • Delta Profile
  • Volume Profile
  • Volume Percent
  • Delta x Volume percent
  • Imbalance
  • "Golden Cubes" to display big volumes in clessic bars chart
It can automatically display support/resistance levels with volumes.
Any volume profiles can be adjusted for different timeframes, start and finish dates and price steps.

Mixed Delta and Profile chart shows the bar's Profile in the right side of the bar and the Delta in the left side.

XTickPro automatically draw levels with high volumes. Usually these levels are support or resistance lines.

Imbalance chart shows powerful buy and sell levels with different colors.